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Geometric Sorting Board

Geometric Sorting Board


Designed to cover a range of early learning benefits, this versatile aid builds on previously established concepts like shape and colour recognition; by introducing counting and colour association into the mix. Growing toddlers learn through visual clues like corresponding the number of pegs to the number of holes in the shape, to figure out where each shape belongs.

A multi-purpose learning aid that develops a spectrum of concepts:
• colour and shape recognition
• counting
• sorting
• stacking
• sequencing and patterning

Develop receptive learning through interactive play: 'Stack the green triangle blocks above the yellow triangle block'; 'Place the red rectangular block below the red rectangular block'. Instructions help expand vocabulary and verbal communication abilities; and also train budding minds to be more adaptable to changes and problem solve effectively.

Constructed from chemical-free, kiln-dried recycled rubber wood. Assembled with formaldehyde-free E-zero Glue and coated with non-toxic, water-based dyes.

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