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Sensory Crayon

Sensory Crayon


The first ever Sensory Crayon is made from pure beeswax, infused with the essential oils of five, therapeutic aromas from mother nature.


Each crayon has its own, natural scent.

  • Red (rose)
  • Purple (lavender)
  • Green (eucalyptus)
  • Yellow (lemon),
  • Orange (orange).

Each scent has unique healing properties and supports the development of your child’s cognitive, social, emotional, language and creative skills.


Children learn through the senses in their early years, and they have amazing potential for growth before the age of five. The more multi-sensory experiences they have, the faster their brain grows.

The natural scent in our Sensory Crayon will help your child make neural connections in their brain, and also form memories. Smells stay with us forever.


Little Legend believe in nature inspired play, so we made the crayon from pure beeswax. You can be assured that while your child is drawing, colouring and writing, they are holding a crayon made by mother nature’s busy bees.


With each crayon, its own little eco-bag will keep the scent long-lasting, and ensure that your child can colour while you travel!

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