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Stacking Rocket

Stacking Rocket


An 11-piece intermediate stacking toy that will launch early cognitive development to infinity and beyond!

Cleverly designed to be an all-in-one stacking toy, 'sorter', and puzzle, early learners not only have to stack the coloured disks in the correct order to build a rocket ship, they also have to ensure that different puzzle pieces are placed at the right spot between each set of disks!

Self-correcting puzzle pieces makes this an ideal play aid for Montessori approaches, and encourages independent sessions of learning through play.

• self-motivated play
• stacking and sorting skills
• problem solving and logical reasoning
• spatial awareness and object/size relationships
• fine motor development and eye-hand coordination

Constructed from sustainable PlanWood™ that is water-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Assembled with formaldehyde-free E-zero Glue and dyed with organic pigments.

Includes: 1 rocket base, 4 coloured stacking disks, 5 puzzle shapes, 1 rocket head

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